Logan Decker, Ph.D.

103 Tucker Hall2014-10-31 15.34.00
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 884-0452


B.S., 2006, University of Missouri
Ph.D., 2015, University of Missouri
Science Outreach Certificate, 2015, University of Missouri


  • EPA BGREEN Fellowship (2013-2015)
  • NSF GK-12 Fellowship (2011-2014)


Decker L.M., Boone E.C., Xiao H., Shanker B.S., Boone S.F., Kingston S.L., Lee S.A., Hammond T.M., and Shiu P.K.T. (2015) Complex formation of RNA silencing proteins in the perinuclear region of Neurospora crassa. Genetics, 199: 1017-1021. [abstract] [pdf]

Hammond T.M., Xiao H., Boone E.C., Decker L.M., Lee S.A., Perdue T.D., Pukkila P.J., and Shiu P.K.T. (2013) Novel proteins required for meiotic silencing by unpaired DNA and siRNA generation inĀ Neurospora crassa. Genetics 194: 91-100. [abstract] [pdf]

Hammond T.M., Spollen W.G., Decker L.M., Blake S.M., Springer G.K., and Shiu P.K.T. (2013) Identification of small RNAs associated with meiotic silencing by unpaired DNA. Genetics 194: 279-284. [abstract] [pdf]

Outreach Activities